Embracing the Hues: Top 10 Paint Colors for 2024

Top 10 Paint Colors for 2024

Every year, painters in Richmond and worldwide present in front of us an outrageous collection of wall paints that instantly steal our hearts. Last year, it was forest green, olive, beige and classic white, which stood as the hot favourites for home and office paint.

The year 2024 is again set to be a celebration of rich, immersive hues, revolutionising our living spaces. Design experts guide us toward colours that redefine homes, blending sophistication with warmth. Let’s delve into the top 10 paint colours for 2024 and discover how to integrate them into your living spaces seamlessly.

Chinese Blue

Blue takes a bold turn in 2024 with “Chinese Blue”. It’s a washed-out blue colour with specks of grey. We can call it a muted blue that doesn’t allow the grey hues to overpower it. Painters in Melbourne recommend this archived shade, radiating joyful exuberance. It’s most suitable for light-filled bathrooms or dining rooms and invites creative contrasts, like the striking combination of hot pink in a living room. It’s a revitalising choice that adds a touch of modernity to any space.

London Clay

As deep greens make way, sumptuous brown tones emerge as stars in 2024. London Clay is a charming brown hue with a subtle magenta undertone. The beautiful blend brings warmth to spaces. Experienced painters suggest its versatility, making it perfect for poorly lit spaces like narrow hallways. From kitchen cabinetry to bedroom walls, London Clay adds drama and warmth, offering a sophisticated and welcoming ambience.


The ongoing affection already confirms the dominance of brown in 2024, placing Ganache in the spotlight. It’s a beautiful earthy brown that can instantly highlight any of your walls. Creative painters in Richmond highlight the trend toward cocooning interiors with darker caramels and rich browns. Ganache, the darkest shade, promises to create captivating, indulgent, and inviting spaces. Consider pairing it with Chocolate Color for a bold statement that redefines interior design.

Chocolate Colour

Paint colour masters already recommend Chocolate Colour and Ganache for ‘all-over’ schemes. These rich chocolate browns serve as alternatives to traditional neutrals, working well in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Juxtapose them with deeper browns and blacks for a sophisticated interior. Alternatively, pair with brighter accents like Marigold for a dynamic and lively look.


Sherwin-Williams introduces Stardew, a distinctive slate blue with warm and cool undertones. It’s a muted blue mixed with small amounts of grey. Most homeowners and painters suggest using lighter blues and greens, like Stardew, in respite rooms for their calming effects. Stardew brings a sense of calmness and relaxation, ideal for bedrooms or living rooms, creating a serene atmosphere.


Red makes a bold statement in 2024 with Fireweed. It’s a deep, subdued Merlot red that possesses an oaky undertone. Most painters in Richmond recommend using deep reds in gathering spaces like dining rooms or kitchens for their warmth and uplifting ambience. Fireweed offers a pleasing warmth with a trend-forward mineral and earthy character in its rust and brown-toned red, making it a standout choice for vibrant interiors.


With Sealskin, we continue the trend of brown dominance in 2024. Users and painters in Melbourne describe it as a decadently deep, bold brown that creates a sleek and refined ambience. Darker colours like Sealskin work wonders in smaller rooms, providing a cosy, theatre-like environment that exudes sophistication and comfort.

Cracked Pepper

Cracked Pepper is a design revelation celebrated for boldly interpreting black as the new neutral. This captivating hue has been curated to redefine modern interior spaces. It transcends the conventional boundaries of neutrals by offering a nuanced and sophisticated alternative to the more traditional whites and greys. Its softness adds a touch of subtlety, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into a variety of design styles and preferences. What sets Cracked Pepper apart is its ability to make a statement, whether striking or subtle.


Crystalline is a gentle green-grey curated for a delicate touch. Recommended by the painters in Richmond, this hue offers a softer alternative to bright white, infusing spaces with a subtle yet welcoming ambience. Crystalline becomes an ideal choice for crafting warm and inviting dining rooms. Its fresh and uplifting character makes it versatile, seamlessly complementing various design styles with a hue that breathes life and sophistication into your living spaces.

Night Owl

In 2024, Benjamin Moore celebrates rich chestnut hues, prominently featuring Night Owl. Painters in Richmond suggests applying Night Owl in a gloss finish on living room walls for a designer-inspired cosy retreat. The gloss finish introduces a reflective sheen, dynamically evolving with shifting light throughout the day and seasons. It creates a space that seamlessly balances comfort and style, offering a warm and welcoming ambience that adapts to the ever-changing nuances of natural light.

In Conclusion

2024 promises a spectrum of colours that go beyond the ordinary, inviting us to reimagine our living spaces with rich, warm, and welcoming hues. Whether you opt for the boldness of Chinese Blue or the cosiness of Ganache, these paint colours are sure to make a lasting impression in your home. So, embrace the palette, experiment with contrasts, and let your living spaces tell a story of modern elegance and timeless sophistication. Your home, after all, is your canvas – paint it with the colours that speak to you.

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